ANOTHER Lifestyle Blog???

Hi there, and welcome to my blog.

Here, I hope to share with readers trends in fashion, makeup, entertainment, social media, and lifestyle. I will be posting reviews and giving my two cents on current trends, while getting in a few personal posts about what I’ve been up to in my life.

A little bit about myself: I am from Canada, specifically the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and absolutely love the big city. I am currently in school pursuing Accounting (I know, sounds boring, but I really like it). I like trying new, unconventional things, and sharing them with my friends. I like finding new ways to do things that are more convenient, cheaper, and creative. I find that most of the time, there aren’t that many good reviews for products and services that I look for, so I hope to close that gap by giving my readers reviews on those things that no one wants to or gets the chance to review.

As for my content and how it will be organized, I will tag everything I post by category, and will separate the tags in the menu bar for easy access to whatever you may be interested in reading about.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stay tuned!

PS. My name is not Vanita, Vanitas is just latin for vanity


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