3 Tips For a Smoother Makeup Application

Sometimes after I finish applying my makeup, I find that my finished product doesn’t look as “clean” and smooth as I wanted it to. I found out that there are a number of culprits. Here are the top 3 in my book, and how to avoid them:

  1. A hairy face

One of the biggest culprits for me was having hair on my face (which I have quite a bit of thanks to my Middle Eastern heritage). The foundation/concealer ends up washing over the hair and not getting to your skin. I try to keep up with waxing my face but if I have an important occasions and no time, I’ll resort to shaving. It really makes your foundation blend smoother and gives a more natural looking finish.

2. Having the right tools for your skin

If your foundation/concealer blends better with a brush, use a brush. If it looks better with a beauty blender/makeup sponge, use that. What I did to test out which tool was better for me was apply one side with a brush and the other with a beauty blender. And then I stuck to the tool that had the more preferable finish. The right tools depends on many things, like your skin type, foundation consistency, etc. If you do opt for the beauty blender/sponge, stick to dabbing motions to avoid a streaky finish. and if you opt for the brush, then use downwards strokes for the most natural finish.

3. Let your face products dry before proceeding with powder products

Sometimes you may be in a rush and start your contour or bronzer before your foundation and concealer dries on your skin, but that is the biggest culprit to muddy looking makeup application. If you are applying contour or bronzing powder after your base, give your makeup a few minutes to dry so that the powder doesn’t stick to the wet spots on your face. You will get a much more airbrushed finish. What I like to do while I’m waiting for my face makeup to dry is line my water/lash lines, or just get started on my eye makeup until my face is dry enough so that the powder blends nicely on top.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help someone out!



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